Welcome! Artifacts are the items that people share with us at Gammelgården which we in turn use to tell the story of the Swedish immigrants and their lives. Often, these artifacts are presented to us as gifts of love because they represent family members now departed, but much loved and revered. We are always honored to receive the artifact and the story.

The artifacts highlighted here are all on display at Gammelgården; often during a tour, we are unable to share the whole story, so we do that here. Be sure to look for each of these artifacts when you come to visit and tour Gammelgården.

The artifacts we accept need to help tell the story of Swedish Immigration to Minnesota; especially relating to the years 1850 - 1880 as that is the time frame on which we focus. If you have artifacts to share, please contact Lynne Blomstrand Moratzka, Director.

Folk Dress

A Loom called "Mom"


Birch Bark Basket

Child's Shoes

Horn Spoons

"Pancake" Cupboard