Birch Bark Basket

Birch bark basket at Gammelgarden Museum

A staple household article for storage and traveling, this birch bark and willow food basket was made for the journey to Amerika in the late 1890's. With 2 bent wood handles, it is easy for 2 people to share the heavy load. The wooden cover can be used to prepare and then serve the food. To prepare for the journey from the Swedish farm to the port, it would be filled with food items as knäckebrod, sausage, smoked meat, cheese, dried fruit, dried legumes, coffee and tea to be consumed on that leg of the journey. At the port city, it was re-filled with food items that would travel well; once in America, it could be refilled along the way to the new home. In the new home, it was a storage container and also used for transporting all manner of goods and food for field work.

The cover includes railway/shipping labels: 69 fr:Wexiö.

Donated in 1981 by Mildred Booren Church, descendant of the immigrant family.

Photo by:Carol Seefeldt Photography