Hair Weaving

Framed hair weaving at Gammelgarden Museum

A hair weaving - typical of the Victorian era as a memorial piece. The center "flowers" of this piece represent the 5 children of the Croone family of Scandia. One summer day, all of the 5 had haircuts and Mom saved the hair as childhood mementos. The following winter, 3 of the children died from diphtheria. As it was a winter funeral, no fresh flowers were available for the funeral, so the colorful yarn flowers were used. Later, the hair flowers and the funeral flowers were combined in the frame as a family memorial.

Hair weaving in Sweden was often done by traveling Grandmothers/Granddaughters in the summer in return for room and board. Jewelry pieces were often made too, such as earrings, watch chains, broaches and bracelets were common.

The painting is located in the parlor of the Präst Hus.