A Loom called "Mom"

A Loom called "Mom" at Gammelgarden Museum

April Sommerfeld Corgärd called me in March of 2003 to inquire if Gammelgården would be interested in acquiring an old, Swedish floor loom-in working order. Well, yes, we would like to have several looms to set up during the winter and offer weaving classes. April said she would get back to me. Months passed. She called again in July to say she and her husband would be able to bring the loom on Saturday and set it up; would somebody be at the Välkommen Hus? You bet!

As April and her husband were re-assembling the loom, the story was told. The loom was made in Sweden by a father to go to America with his daughter and her husband who would leave shortly after their wedding. ( The date 1879 is painted on the loom.) That woman and her family used the loom in northern Minnesota until 1962 when it was sold at auction to Myrabelle Lange Sommerfeld, April's Mom. Mom used the loom for rug weaving until early 1999. EVERYONE she knew had one of her rugs. All of April's memories of the loom relate to her mom. Her mom died in 2001 and April did not want to keep or use the loom.

After the phone conversation in March, April came to visit Gammelgården for tours and in odd moments to walk the grounds. During her visits, she came to peace with her decision to let go of the loom and donating it to Gammelgården. As her husband finished assembling the loom, he looked at his wife and with great care said, "So, are you ready to leave "Mom" here?" and April replied, "Yes, I'm ready to let go of Mom."

"Mom" now resides upstairs in the Välkommen Hus classroom. She has been cleaned and repaired. She is much admired by our guests and seems to be at home.

Photo by:Carol Seefeldt Photography