The "Pancake " Cupboard

Pancake Cupboard at Gammelgarden Museum

The sole cupboard in an early cabin in the Marine on the St.Croix area. The property, cabin and the cupboard were sold to the Olaf and Brita Åsberg about 1882. This family had suffered the loss of infant twins born at sea en-route from Sweden to Osceola, Wisconsin. They chose to settle in Marine on the St. Croix instead. One week after settling in, the eldest son died of measles. The family stayed, welcomed several other children into the family and created a good farm and life. To celebrate their good life and bounty, each Saturday morning they had pancakes for breakfast as the ingredients (eggs, milk, wheat flour, butter and sweetening) were ALWAYS available and they were grateful. Extra pancakes were made and stored in the cupboard-but always consumed by lunch time! The family identified this cupboard as their "Pancake" cupboard. During the 1930's the family moved to Stillwater; the cupboard became a storage unit in the garage.

Following the death of the parents, the cupboard was donated to Gammelgarden by Sylvia Babb in 1994-95

Photo by:Carol Seefeldt Photography