Gammelgården Museum
Running of the Meatballs

Saturday September 12
Before Scandia's Taco DAZE Parade

Running of the Meatballs

JOIN US at Gammalgården Museum in Scandia, Minnesota for this unique and hilarious downhill race of thousands of brown-painted "meatballs". It is not only fun to watch but an important FUNd-raiser for the museum's ongoing historic building renovation projects. Tickets are $5.00 apiece or $20.00 for 5 and can be purchased in the gift shop or from a roaming Meatball Ticket Seller before the race on September 12. At precisely 3:45, the meatballs are released and roll wildly down Oak Hill Road in Scandia into the chute shown above. The first 10 balls down the hill line up neatly and winners 1-10 are determined. Prizes will be listed closer to the event.

Read the Running of the Meatballs RULES

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