Stuga at Gammelgarden Museum

The Swedish Stuga (vacation house) was on the St. Croix river estate of Gotlieb Magny, architect, who used it as a guest house. The STUGA was a gift to Gammelgården in 1979.

Swedish Stuga (vacation house) at Gammelgarden Museum

Photo by:Carol Seefeldt Photography

Stuga, in immigrant times, meant a rectangular building, with 1 door, a corner stove, the home of peasants. The word now means a small vacation home. The outside is painted with Swedish falun red paint; the inside has the original 1930's paint. Falun Red could be made on the farm by mixing rye flour, linseed oil and the finely ground tailings from the iron mine at Falun, Sweden. It was cheap and easily made paint and was long lasting.

Stuga at Gammelgarden Museum

Imagine you have decided to emigrate to Nord Amerika & what to take? Housekeeping items, seeds and plant roots & to plant and for medicine; your faith documents to use to encourage yourself and pass on the faith and language of your family; extra clothing/bedding and materials; a few sentimental items and the metal parts of tools & NO HANDLES, as they take up too much trunk space.

Stuga at Gammelgården Museum Stuga at Gammelgården Museum

Stuga at Gammelgården Museum Stuga at Gammelgården Museum Gammelgården Museum tour guide Eleanor Edman.