Tor and Tilda of Gammelgården

Tor and Tilda of Gammelgården

Figure 1 Tor and Tilda
Illustrated by Kathy Vos

Meet Tor and Tilda. Tor is a Swedish Tomte who arrived with the very first Swedish immigrants in Scandia over 150 years ago. That is why his beard is so long! Tor had a rough ride over the ocean in the boat tucked into a tine (pronounced tee-na. Look at the picture below to see what a tine looks like.) He met Tilda the cat on the boat and they became fast friends on the long journey which ended right here at Gammelgården Museum - originally a small farm. Tor and Tilda love the museum and they especially love children. Did you know that in Sweden, tomten live on farms to watch over the animals and the buildings AND the children? Here at Gammelgården, they watch over our buildings and love to see the children come in the summer for our many events. Tor and Tilda have been watching the tours for many years and have discovered the items in each building that young people are particularly interested in. Be sure to pick up a Tor and Tilda':s Guide of Gammelgården when you visit us this summer. On our website, Tor and Tilda will show you all of the activities that children will love - and there are many new ones!


Tine of Tor and Tilda of Gammelgarden

Figure 2: tine pronounced tee'-na

You can also ask Tor questions through this email. He will do his best to answer from the warmth of his tine still tucked away in the bottom level of the Ladugård.

Photo opportunity in The Välkommen Hus all summer!

Come and have your picture taken with "Tor and Tilda"