Gammelgården Museum of Scandia

The mission of Gammelgården Museum of Scandia is to preserve, present, and promote Swedish immigrant heritage and history. Through engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and community events, the museum aims to celebrate and share the rich history, arts, culture, traditions, and customs of the Scandinavian people as they relate to and impact contemporary American society.

By providing a welcoming and immersive experience, the museum seeks to inspire an appreciation and understanding of Scandinavian culture among visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Gammelgarden Museum is dedicated to preserving its historic buildings, artifacts, and stories. By offering interactive learning opportunities, the museum strives to inspire curiosity and a deeper connection to the past; while helping visitors make connections to their own cultural heritage.

Contact the Museum

20880 Olinda Trail North | P.O. Box 62 | Scandia, MN 55073


Staff and Consultants

Ann Rinkenberger, Director            
Linnea Johnson, Butik Manager     
Joan Detzler, Membership Director
Brittany Huey, Volunteer Coordinator/
and Greeter-Receptionist
Erin Swanson, Caretaker                  
Nohemi Brown, Accounting Consultant
Marketing Consultant (Open)          

Volunteer Staff

Donna Johnson, Butik Assistant    
Lynne Moratzka, Director Emerita
Cheryl Starr, Butik Assistant          

2024 Board of Directors 

Jim Thorson, President
Barb Sackmann, Vice President
Kristin Engman, Secretary
Chris Lundberg, Treasurer
David Elfstrand
Sandra Grunewald
Janelle Lindberg-Kendrick
Dan Lindgren
Jenny Mayer
Colleen Nora
Jerry Peterson
Mary Sandgren

2024 Advokats

Doniver Ahlm
Kathy Bakke
Nohemi Brown
Becky Brunette
Eleanor Edman
Barbara Glaser
Leif Hagen
Jane Lammers Johns
Karen Turnblad Larson
Ewa Rydaker

2024 Investment Committee

John Bakke
Dean Barr
Jerry Peterson
Tammy Peterson


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