Social Narrative and Sensory Kits 

Gammelgården Museum is proud to offer a social narrative designed for members of the neurodiverse community. The social narrative is a resource for those who may benefit from descriptions and pictures that show what a typical visit to the museum is like. This is a useful tool intended to increase comfort while visiting Gammelgården, and may be used by families, adults, teens, and school groups. The social narrative is available below electronically and by request at the welcome desk in the Valkommen Hus at Gammelgården.

Social Narrative – Gammelgarden Museum of Scandia

In addition to our social narrative, Gammelgården Museum has four sensory kits available for check-out use while at the museum. There are two kits with adult-size headphones and two kits with child-size headphones. If a full kit is not needed, Gammelgården also has a box with various fidgets that may be checked out.

To check out a kit or fidget, simply provide a driver’s license or state-issued identification card. Upon returning the kit or fidget, the license or ID card will be returned.

Sensory kits with adult-size headphones:


Sensory kits with child-size headphones:


There are marble mazes in one of the adult sensory kits and one of the child sensory kits.

In each of the sensory kits, there are two aromatherapy scents to use.

Individual fidgets may be checked out as well at Gammelgården Museum. There are a variety of textures of fidgets, ones with water, and others with changing light colors.