Lucia Dagen

The Lucia Story:

The celebration of Lucia in Sweden brings light to the very dark days of December. It marks the beginning of the Swedish Christmas season. Lucia, a 3rd century Christian living in Italy, was grateful that her mother’s health was restored and in thankfulness Lucia spent her dowry money to feed the poor. Her fiancé denounced her to the authorities and she was burned at the stake on December 13. Her story traveled to Sweden with Christian missionaries. Her example is celebrated in household and community settings with a young girl in white (purity) with a red sash (martyrdom) and a crown of candles (light) on her head bringing coffee and saffron buns to family members in the pre-dawn hours. Since 1927, the Stockholm Lucia is crowned at the palace and serves coffee to the Nobel prize winners, who are also bringing light to the world in the way of knowledge