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Register for Events in October-December

There are many upcoming events from October through December. Click on the link for more information and to register. ** Scandia Evening Adventures - Thursday, October 19, November 16, and December 21 - 5-8 pm. This is your opportunity…

Be a Demonstrator or Participant in the Artists & Crafters Fair

Gammelgården Museum of Scandia is seeking individuals who would like to be demonstrators, sell their products, and/or have an information table for any or all three of Gammelgården’s major events this summer: –        Opening…

Lines from Lynne – from the March 2023 Kul News

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First of all, thanks for opening and reading this Kul News! It is a great preview of our plans for Gammelgården in this - our 51st year. Reaching this milestone is thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.This winter,…