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Lynne Moratzka’s Retirement

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Message from Jim Thorson, Museum Board President The following message was shared at the October 1st Life Member event at Gammelgården Museum: Volunteers have been and always will be a critical part of our success. Every volunteer…

Message from the Board President – from the March 2023 Kul News

The Immigrant Experience - Change and Tradition I recently re-read my Grandmother Violet Iversons’ memoirs. She was a second-generation Swedish immigrant born in 1900 in Minneapolis. Hers was an urban experience. Unfortunately, her parents…

Lines from Lynne – from the December 2022 Kul News

Greetings to All! One of the oldest truths is “Nothing is as constant as change.” For all of us, this has been particularly true since Covid began in 2020 and made changes in everything - work habits and locations; and social, educational,…